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Locker Room
What we do
Locker Room is a workshop created by Eli Group to bring together contemporary creative talents, designing synergic and stimulating projects with them. This platform gives life to exclusive and transmedia capsule collections, but where not only sneakers or t-shirts are born. We are talking about a container of concepts and items where it is possible to buy exclusive products, of course, but where it is above all possible to know the genesis and the stories that gravitate around their creation. In short, Locker Room is an ambitious project that wants you to know in detail what you will buy in its space.

Limited edition Capsule Collections conceived and created by international designers, stylists and influencers are unveiled and launched through Drops.
Every single Drop is then introduced in advance with a count-down and a pre-order system. The goal is to satisfy a community that is increasingly sensitive and receptive to the world of fast-fashion with attractive and seductive launches, and above all full of stories.

The first Drop of Locker Room is Enterprise Japan, an independent brand born to become a new reference point in the international street-fashion scene. Functional, bursting, unexpected. It is the fruit of the first BIG BANG of Eli workshop. And while Enterprise Japan begins to make its way, the next Drops are already about to become reality.
Enterprise Japan.
We are all made of stars.
Don't be fooled by what you see and go beyond the surface of things.
That's how Enterprise Japan was born.
In order to catch the smallest anomalies and graft at their base well-calibrated detonators, able to create unexpected synergies and anticipate the future.
Not too many years ago NASA tested a GPS seismic monitoring system.
At Enterprise Japan we imagined something similar for the world of fashion.
At the center of our moodboard there are no one-size-fits-all reference models or trends of the moment pinned to a pin.
Right there, in the middle of our bulletin board, Enterprise Japan puts electromagnetic anomalies, variations in trends, gravitational
waves that are the first unequivocal signals of a Big Bang that is about to hit us. And that we can in turn contribute to create. For Enterprise Japan we chose a new way: we immersed ourselves in the creative magma of Streetwear culture and let it submerge and contaminate us. A new, surprising creative collision was born.
With a single goal to pursue: learning to listen, learning to observe, learning to grasp what is happening to give life, season after season, to Drop Streetwear Limited Edition: functional, bursting, and unexpected.
Capsule collections tell the stories we have encountered. Like the DROP 3 Enterprise Japan Starring Sfera Ebbasta, animated by his disruptive, incendiary soul of an artist. For a collection capable of capturing the most creative instincts.
The launch of each Drop is designed to increase the interest and Hype of the products through an approach defined by time and with strong attention to the community. Some instincts can't be controlled. But they can be felt.
And they can be supported in a discovery and contamination process that allows them to express their most authentic essence while shunning homologation, shunning banality.
The Enterprise Japan team is the first Big Bang of Eli Group’screative HUB, an experimental, ambitious, revolutionary project.
The gasoline in the fire of a new way of living streetwear brands.