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ENTJPN - We are one.
Discover our vision.
It’s about love, love for sneakers and its culture.

That’s what Enterprise Japan wants to bring into the game.

We are the generation that took off with Michael, the one that scraped their knees imitating Tony, the one that wrote their name on the walls but also the one that ran with Forrest, that lost her voice singing with Kanye and that took a step into the future with Virgil.

Sneakers are a cross-generational symbol that represent a culture shared by many different people around the world.

Enterprise Japan rides its values to offer a vision that respect this historic and social heritage but, at the same time, proposes something exciting and original.

That’s what our collections are: made by sneaker-lovers to people who love sneakers, no matter who they are, as we live on the same planet and our passion links us to each other.

The Factory.
The Factory is the heart of this editorial, telling the story of our product in the very place where it is physically shaped: the conveyor System.

This narration made of worn and still life images creates a visual description that is absolutely distinctive and, above all, true.
ENTJPN Essence
Sneaker-culture is a continuous source of inspiration and drive for change for our approach to the world of the new urban generation.

It is not just about being inspired by the past. On the contrary, one must start from the foundation. Enterprise Japan immersed itself in the original values that had determined, created, generated, and encompassed the creative power of the great big cities. A perfect summary of genius, innovation, experience, taste. Combined with the needs of contemporary production.

Enterprise Japan’s rocket-logo represents exactly that: a symbol of movement. Aspiration, desire, and enthusiasm.