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Roger Weiss x ENTJP
The Human Dilatations Project
We have given substance to this new vision by working with a contemporary artist, creator of great suggestion, Roger Weiss.

My journey began with approaching to the image of the human body in our time and the schematism to which its figure has been reduced, a set of canons and models to which the individual is to refer to, rather than the other way around.

Human Dilatations is not afraid of the fragilities of the body along with its imperfections, but accompanies the image of our bodies to appear as a whole as a different form, in an interplay of distortions that allows us to relate to the image in an iridescent way, breaking away completely from the stereotypical taste of beauty.

Each work in the Human Dilatations series will be developed through three stages: first as a draft (the collage), then as an ultra-high resolution photograph print, and finally as a video.
The creative process
The final result